Linguistic exchange activities and their impact on intercultural competence and language learning motivation

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01.2012 - 12.2014
Competences, Didactics
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Project conducted by the University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern).

This research project investigated the impact of linguistic exchange activities on the development of intercultural competence, intercultural attitudes, and language learning motivation of upper secondary level students. Furthermore, the project identified criteria or conditions for the success of linguistic exchange activities. In order to do so, linguistic exchange activities which differ in terms of TL area and duration were included in the study.

In agreement with the national strategy for language teaching – which stipulates the teaching of at least one national language besides the global lingua franca English – the study analysed exchange programs both within Switzerland (target languages: French or German), and abroad (target language: English).

The study belonged to the projects selected by the Research Centre on Multilingualism in response to the Call for Proposals surrounding the topic “Language teaching and learning at school from a multilingual perspective”. It was financed by the Research Centre on Multilingualism and the University of Teacher Education of Lucerne.