Nina Selina Hicks

Research assistant

  • Foreign language education
  • Corpus-based language acquisition research
  • Multilingualism & crosslinguistic influence

Research projects (collaboration)


03.2016 - 12.2024

SWIKO is a multilingual learner corpus describing learner language according to principles of corpus-linguistics. The corpus is an umbrella project developed during the 2016–2019 research period and being further developed in the 2021–2024...



Further development and applications of the Swiss learner corpus SWIKO


07.2021 - 07.2024

In line with the strong presence of usage-based approaches to language description and research in language acquisition, research in corpus linguistics has intensified and diversified in recent years. This applies equally to corpus-based...


  • Hicks, Nina Selina (2021). Exploring systematic orthographic crosslinguistic similarities to enhance foreign language vocabulary learning. Language Teaching Research.
  • Karges, Katharina, Studer, Thomas & Hicks, Nina Selina (2022). Lernersprache, Aufgabe und Modalität: Beobachtungen zu Texten aus dem Schweizer Lernerkorpus SWIKO. ZGL, Themenheft „Gesprochene Lernerkorpora des Deutschen“.